SEO Report: Month #2- 7000+ search appearances over last month (Bing)

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Showing Physio Roots stats from Bing Webmaster Tools

SEO Report: Month #2- 7000+ search appearances over last month (Bing)

Jun 17, 2019

Showing up on major search engines means everything! Last month there were over 60,000 exact searches for “physiotherapy” in Canada, just on Google. This doesn’t include all of the other word combinations, treatments or conditions people are looking up in association with physiotherapy.

People find physiotherapy services online. 

They also learn about the profession online.  This should be no surprise, but I think the volume of physiotherapy search queries is surprising to many.  How many websites have accurate information? Are people seeing all of their options?  Do they really understand what physiotherapy is?  Just food for thought.

Website traffic to Physio Roots is paramount. The “idea” behind Physio Roots is not enough on its own to be successful.  That is why Physio Roots is dedicated to improving its search appearance.  As its search appearance improves, website traffic increases.  And as website traffic increases, there is a lot more incentive for clinics to register.  It will be a business advantage to be on Physio Roots (and probably a disadvantage not to be).

Search engine results for physiotherapy are dominated by certain clinics & companies. 

There are regional differences, for sure!  But each region has its own key players.  Physio Roots intends to be up there in the search rankings in every region. The biggest difference between Physio Roots and the other guys is that Physio Roots is for EVERYONE!

Physio Roots SEO is working!

Roughly 1/3 of search queries are on Bing and partners, and about the other 2/3 on Google.  Google is a harder nut to crack than Bing.  Google determines your ranking by different factors than Bing, and a brand-new site is not going to immediately rank well on Google.  It can take a site up to 12 months to begin ranking on Google whereas Bing can usually be done fairly quickly.

The attached image shows the Dashboard of Bing Webmaster Tools and some basic website stats.  Physio Roots has only been in operation for 2-months and is already appeared in over 7000 searches on Bing and had over 70 clicks.   This is good news given the time-frame that Physio Roots has been operational.  The clicks and the search appearances will continue to go up.  Why?  Because the entire site isn’t even close to being indexed yet.  There are many more pages to come and that are available but not yet identified by the search engines.  There is also a bit of a “seniority” factor when it comes to SEO.  Especially on Google, the longer you’ve been around and producing valuable content, the more Google “likes” you.

So where are things at with Google?

Pretty good considering some of the horror stories I have heard.  Last month Physio Roots had over 5000 impressions on Google.  This means that we showed up and were visible that many times!  Google is even farther behind (compared to Bing) in its indexing of the Physio Roots website.  Patience, patience… patience!

Do you want to learn more about SEO or have some specific questions?  Feel free to send me a note at