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Photo showing extent of Physio Roots coverage

Over 1000 clinics on Physio Roots!

Jun 15, 2019

Over the past 2 months over 1000 clinics have been added to Physio Roots from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. This a big step forward to the goal of Canada-wide coverage. Ontario is currently in the works, with over 1500 clinics to add! Many hours of research is going towards adding clinics, so many that other areas of the site have not been updated.

After Ontario is added, there will be a push to make some major changes to Physio Roots.

Here is the to do list:

  • Changes to sponsor and free accounts:  New features will be added to sponsor accounts and free accounts.  There will also be a transfer of some “sponsor features” to free accounts.  The end goal is to make Physio Roots as free as possible.
  • Adaptation to filters:  Have a filter for “verified clinics” at the forefront while trying to find a clinic.
  • Adaptation to filters:  Have filters for payment options at the forefront while trying to find a clinic.
  • Landing page development:  Landing pages will be made for specific treatments, skills and certifications in select cities.  These pages will be competitive in all major search engines.
  • Separate description for landing pages:  Each landing page will have a description for whatever the focus of the landing page is.  For example, if the landing page focuses on intramuscular stimulation there will be an FAQ for IMS on that landing page.  This means easier access to educational resources for patients and better SEO for landing pages.

That is it for now!

Thank you to all who have already registered!