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Physio Roots is a website dedicated to improving the access to and knowledge of physiotherapy and associated services in Canada. 

No, Physio Roots only allows clinics to display their existing Google Reviews.

Filters help you to narrow the search results to specific skills, professions and/or treatments that may be looking for.  For example, by selecting "chiropractor," Physio Roots will narrow the search results to physiotherapy clinics that also have a chiropractor.

When there is a 'zero' beside a filter, it means out of your current search results there are no clinics with that data attached to it.

A "Verified Clinic" is a clinic that has been claimed by its owner.  A claimed clinic means that the clinic information is now controlled by the rightful business owner.

Physio Roots is still growing and trying to cover as much of Canada as possible.  Be patient, we will get to your city soon.  

Physio Roots follows all applicable Canadian privacy and anti-spam legislation and takes it very seriously.  While our privacy policy and terms of service can be a mouthful, these documents are standard practice and can be found on most websites that you use on a daily basis.  For more information or specific questions, please contact us through the support form.


  1. First you must register--it is recommended that you use the email of the clinic that you are going to add/claim.
  2. After registering, all you have to do is find your clinic and click the "Claim Clinic" button/link.
  3. Claiming your clinic goes much easier if your account matches the email of the clinic you're registering.  For example, if you're claiming "My Clinic" which has the email "info@myclinic.com" then we recommend registering under the email "info@myclinic.com."
  4. Follow the forms involved in claiming your clinic and submit!
  1. Make sure your clinic doesn't already exist on Physio Roots (if it does, you will need to "claim" it instead).
  2. To add a clinic, you must first register an account.
  3. Go to the Clinician Dashboard in under "My Account" in the menu.
  4. Click the "Add Clinic" button and follow the forms.

Not a problem!  Please fill out the support form or email us at info@physioroots.com.


In the short term, additional services, training and amenities can easily be added to Physio Roots.

In the long term, your feedback will be compiled to make Physio Roots better in so many other ways.

To make suggestions, please fill out the form in the contact section of the website.  Physio Roots will not accept suggestions, comments or feedback directly via email.

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