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What is Physio Roots?

Physio Roots is a website dedicated to improving the access to and knowledge of physiotherapy and associated services in Canada. 

Is Physio Roots a review website?

Physio Roots is technically not a review site but does allow clinics to display their own Google Reviews. In other words, Physio Roots is not involved in taking and displaying new reviews but allows clinics display pre-existing reviews from Google.

What are "filters"?

Filters are what Physio Roots uses to help you narrow down search results and find very specific information.  For example, by clicking on the filter "chiropractor", you will narrow your search results to physiotherapy clinics that also have a chiropractor.

Filters have zero options.

When there is a 'zero' beside a filter, it means out of your current search results there are no clinics with that data attached to it.  

This does not always mean that the clinics do not provide the service you're looking for.  Sometimes (especially as Physio Roots first starts), clinics have not been claimed.  An unclaimed clinic means that the clinic has not been taken over by the owner.  Unclaimed clinics sometimes have no information attached to them beyond basic contact info.

*Always check with the clinic website and/or contact the clinic directly to confirm the services it provides.

What is a "Verified Clinic"?

A "Verified Clinic" is a clinic that has been claimed by its owner.  A claimed clinic means that the clinic information is now controlled by the rightful business owner.

Zero search results for my city.

Physio Roots is still growing and trying to cover as much of Canada as possible.  Be patient, we will get to your city soon.  

I have concerns about my privacy

Physio Roots follows all applicable Canadian privacy and anti-spam legislation and takes it very seriously.  While our privacy policy and terms of service can be a mouthful, these documents are standard practice and can be found on most websites that you use on a daily basis.  For more information or specific questions, please contact us through the support form.


How do I claim my clinic?
  1. First you must register
  2. After registering, you need to find your clinic and click the "Claim Listing" button.  This button can be found on the search results page or on the individual clinic page.
  3. You will need to be beside the phone number listed with the clinic (read on if this number is not working or incorrect).
  4. Click the "Voice Call" button and the computer program will call the phone number with a verification code (sometimes it takes 2 tries for the call to go through).
  5. Enter the PIN number and submit.
  6. Choose a clinic package and continue with the registration process.

In cases where the phone number is incorrect or your phone line has multiple extensions you will need to contact Physio Roots by email using the clinic's email.  Once we verify that you're the owner, we can change the phone number (even if temporary) for you to claim your clinic. 

How do I add a new clinic?
  1. Make sure your clinic doesn't already exist on Physio Roots (if it does, you will need to "claim" it instead).
  2. To add a clinic, you must first register an account.
  3. After registration, you can add a clinic by clicking on the "User menu" at the top right.  There will be a dropdown option to "Add Clinic".
  4. Simply click the "Add Clinic" button and follow the process.  
  5. You will have to choose a clinic package.
Why do I need additional accounts to add/claim more clinics?

Accounts and subscription processes will be updated as Physio Roots grows.  But for now, this is why things are the way they are.

  • Clinics change ownership regularly and Physio Roots has decided this is the easiest way to transfer a clinic between owners.  If the account has multiple clinics attached to it, transfering a clinic to a new owner becomes a multiple step process for the clinic owners and especially Physio Roots.  With the one-account-one-clinic format, owners can handle the transfer without any assistance from Physio Roots.
  • Clinic information should be managed at a local level.  Having a "master account" means that the account holder would have to delegate access to certain clinics and restrict access to others.  There is a lot of unnecessary complexity involved in managing an account like this, especially for large corporations.  Since clinic information will be updated by the people in the clinic, the account can also be managed by them.  Furthermore, Physio Roots wants the information to be updated by the people who actually work in the clinic.  Information is more accurate this way!
I want to cancel my subscription

Cancelling your subscription is totally fine but there are a few things to consider before doing it.

-Are you still the clinic owner?  If so, have you considered just having a "basic subscription" (which is free).

-Is the clinic changing ownership?  There are a few ways we can go about this.  Please submit a support request.

-Is the clinic closing down? Please submit a support request.

In-Home Physiotherapy

Physio Roots is very happy to provide services for companies providing in-home physiotherapy.  To make it work, things have to be done a bit differently.  

Precise geolocation is not necessary for in-home physiotherapy and Physio Roots search engine uses geolocation as its foundation.  

The problem with this approach (for in-home) is:

a) There is no physical location to geolocate.
b) Geolocation doesn't necessarily matter because therapists are travelling to the patient.
c) If geolocation is used, website users would not find many in-home service providers because they would be filtered out by proximity (distance).

*Please note, if you simply entered a city name (ex. Toronto), Google Maps will place that marker directly in the centre of the city.  So it is still precisely geolocated.  Anyone searching outside X radius of that marker will not find you!

To solve this problem, a separate business directory has been made for In-Home service providers.  This directory uses regions (cities. towns, etc) as categories to help users find in-home physiotherapy services. 

Do you have a clinic AND provide in-home services?  This isn't a problem.  Physio Roots allows you to to enter your clinic address and choose in-home at the same time.  This allows you to show up in both business directories. Please do not provide an address if you do not provide physiotherapy services from it.

Can I request changes to Physio Roots?


In the short term, additional services, training and amenities can easily be added to Physio Roots.

In the long term, your feedback will be compiled to make Physio Roots better in so many other ways.

To make suggestions, please fill out the form in the contact section of the website.  Physio Roots will not accept suggestions, comments or feedback directly via email.