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List of Requirements

Below is a list of some basic but very important requirements to be aware of prior to claiming or adding your clinic.  Please be aware that this list is subject to change and is not by any means extensive.  Read the website acceptable use policy for more detailed 'website rules'.

  • There must be at least one registered physiotherapist actively working at your clinic.

    It is the expectation of Physio Roots and its end-users that EVERY clinic on the site has a registered physiotherapist.

  • No duplicate clinics

    You can only list the clinic one time.  Duplicated addresses, phone numbers and emails are very easy to find and delete, but will likely not be approved in the first place.

    Individual practitioners may have listings, as long as they are not duplicating the address of the clinics they work at.  For example, it is acceptable for a practitioner to have a clinic listing for their own separate practice.

  • Active clinics only

    Registered listings must also be active clinics.  You may not register an address if you do not practice from that location, or the clinic is not yet operational.

  • You must provide the (full spectrum) of services that you're marketing.

    It is obvious that you have to provide the services that you're marketing.  What isn't so obvious is actually providing as close to the full spectrum of that particular service as possible.  This does not apply to every category; certain conditions require a specific skill set and experience to treat appropriately.   For example, it isn't expected that declaring that you perform IMS means you can needle every muscle in the human body.  That is great if you do!  Although it is suggested that your IMS skills are as comprehensive as possible, this isn't the intent of the requirement.  

    Where this requirement comes into play is for conditions that require additional handling skills, manual therapy skills, therapeutic exercise repertoire, and theoretical knowledge to treat appropriately.  Using vestibular as an example, just treating BPPV does not mean you provide all spectrums of vestibular physiotherapy treatment.  Vestibular is more comprehensive than BPPV, so if BPPV is the only vestibular condition you treat, don't check the box!  Many other conditions can serve as examples, such as: stroke, spinal cord injury and post-concussion syndrome.

    Physiotherapists are understandably jacks of all trades.  You will still treat and receive patients for conditions and skills that you don't declare on Physio Roots! The only difference is the next time you have a patient that presents with a condition which is beyond your competency level, you have a place to go to find a good referral for them.  Patients concerned about their care also have a place to go to make sure they are starting their care at a clinic with the full spectrum of services for their condition.  It works out well for everyone!

    Physio Roots understands that some areas are a bit grey.  Just keep this requirement in mind when you are filling out your clinic information.

  • No false or misleading information

    You'd be surprised by some of the claims out there!

  • Read our Acceptable Use Policy

    The Acceptable Use Policy outlines the website 'rules' in a lot of detail.  Most of it is common sense, but it has to be said.

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