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Physiotherapy after Work Related Injury in Canada

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Work Related Injury & Physiotherapy

It is mandatory for your workplace to have insurance for employees who get injured on the job. Depending on the province, the name/entity of the insurance provider will be different; for example, in Ontario it is WSIB and in Alberta it is WCB. Policies and procedures will also vary depending on the province.

Very few work places ‘opt-out’ of the publicly administered workplace insurance. For example, in Alberta some businesses are able to ‘opt-out’ of WCB but they still must have some sort of insurance.

Physiotherapists are often the first medical professional that a person sees after a workplace injury. Upon your first appointment with a physiotherapist, your therapist will submit all the necessary paperwork to your workplace insurance provider and await approval. If your claim is approved, your appointments should covered by the insurance provider.

At this time Physio Roots does not have information for each province and for each insurance provider. The policies and procedures governing workplace insurance are highly regulated and can change. If you require more information, the physiotherapy clinic that you’re interested in should be able to answer your questions. Calling the workplace insurance provider is also advisable.

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