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What is a Certified Hand Therapist?

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What is a Certified Hand Physiotherapist?

Certified Hand Physiotherapists have taken a special interest in treating hand injuries. To become certified, therapists must have practiced physiotherapy for a minimum of 3 years, have mentored under a certified hand therapist and have completed a minimum of 4000 hours of direct experience treating hands. If all of the aforementioned are fulfilled, the physiotherapist must pass an exam to become certified.

It is important to note that in order to treat hands effectively, the entire upper extremity and neck may have to be considered. A certified hand therapist is highly skilled at understanding the interconnections between the hand and the rest of the upper body.

Physio Roots tries to identify clinics with Certified Hand Therapists. Hands are very complex and while all physiotherapists can treat hands, patients with more complex cases will benefit greatly from seeing a Certified Hand Therapist.

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