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Seniors' Health

Physiotherapists have a very important role to play in Seniors’ Health. Physiotherapists can help seniors to maintain optimal health throughout aging, helping to maintain a high quality of life and maximizing physical resiliency. Physiotherapists use reliable and valid outcome measures to predict future health outcomes and develop personalized therapeutic exercise programs for patients. Learn more about Senior’s Health below or find a clinic on Physio Roots!

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What is physiotherapy for Seniors?

Physiotherapy can help seniors maintain optimal health & independence and maximize quality of life throughout the aging process.  The expertise of a physiotherapist is particularly useful in maintaining (or achieving) optimal physical function through therapeutic exercise.

Therapists use valid and reliable tests and measurements that help them identify their patient's strengths and weaknesses.  Using these tests, a physiotherapist can create individualized treatment plans so patients get the most out of the work they put into it.  

Physical and psychological resiliency are both a product of good overall physical health. Physical resiliency can lead to long lasting independence; it can prevent the onset many conditions and aide in the recovery from adverse events (ie. major surgery). In cases where an adverse event has already taken place, a physiotherapist can help with recovery.

Physiotherapy is also beneficial to the families of aging individuals.  Therapists can provide valuable insights into how to manage complex conditions and how family members can help to improve their loved one's quality of life.  

This article is not intended to be a literature review. References to scientific evidence may be provided to substantiate some information; however, this may not always be the case. For more information regarding scientific evidence pertaining to a specific treatment or service, speak with your physiotherapist or contact your provincial physiotherapy college.
Last updated Jul 7, 2022
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