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Low Income

Some provinces provide funding for limited physiotherapy when income is below a certain value.  In most cases, clinics must be have a contract to provide low-income coverage.  

Unfortunately, Physio Roots does not have information specific to each province at this time. 


Some provinces provide funding for limited physiotherapy after receiving a surgery.  Conditions of this service will vary by province.

Unfortunately, Physio Roots does not have provincially specific information about this service at this time. 


Work Injury

Clinics in this category are able to provide rehabilitation services for a work injury insurance provider.  Depending on the province, the name/entity of the insurance provider will be different; for example, in Ontario it is WSIB and in Alberta it is WCB.  Policies and procedures will also vary depending on the province.

In general, the first visit with the physiotherapist is your assessment.  If it is a work injury, your physiotherapist will submit all the necessary paperwork and await approval.  If your claim is approved, your appointments should covered by the insurance provider. 

The policies and procedures governing claims for a work injury are usually very regulated.  For more information, please contact the clinic providing this type of service.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Automobile insurance is provincially regulated; policies, procedures, regulations and legislation will vary by province.  Physiotherapy is typically a service that is covered by automobile insurance after any accident.  Physio can be a crucial aspect to your recovery!

Most physiotherapy clinics provide services to victims of motor vehicle accidents.  Physio Roots has provided an option for clinics to specify whether or not they provide this service. 

Last updated Feb 17, 2020