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Find out how Physio Roots came to be.

Michael Kirby, PT

Michael Kirby, PT

About Mike

Mike is a Registered Physiotherapist who is originally from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.  After moving to Alberta for a previous career in forestry, he returned to school and received a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Calgary followed by a MScPT degree at the University of Alberta.  Mike lives in Calgary with his wife Christine, son Malcolm and newborn daughter Alice.  As of late, Mike can be found on his couch creating Physio Roots when he is not taking care of his family or working.  Mike loves running and has competed in over 25 ultramarathons ranging in distance from 50 km to 100 miles.  He also considers himself an "advanced computer user" with knowledge of various programming languages, website development and computer hardware and software.

Mike's inspiration to develop Physio Roots came from doing website development for his employer and seeking personal medical support.  He began asking patients, friends and family how they found their physiotherapy clinic and discovered that almost all of them chose their care without understanding their options.  When investigating further, he found that many people thought that physiotherapy was the same no matter where they went. Mike also took notice that many people have difficulty finding the services they needed. After reviewing hundreds of websites and search queries, Mike became even more inspired.  It became very clear that the healthcare system needed some other way to help people find the care they deserved.

With Mike's knowledge of physiotherapy and computers he decided to take the challenge into his own hands and develop Physio Roots.  He hopes that Physio Roots can help patients find more appropriate care and at the very least, teach them a little bit more about physiotherapy.

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