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Mission Statements

Curious about the intent behind Physio Roots?  Here is the mission:

Provide the most comprehensive portal to physiotherapy services.

Physio Roots aims to put everything about choosing physiotherapy in one place.  Most of the information that Physio Roots will provide is already out there, but it is scattered all over the internet.  Our mission is to put not only business information, but information about all physiotherapy skills and services together in one easy to use website.  This is easier said than done; the physiotherapy profession is diverse!

Improve accessibility to physiotherapy and all of its services.

Physio Roots wants visitors to see all of the results and their options.  Major search engines (like Google and Bing) are missing a layer of detail and are covered in paid advertisements.  On one Google search results page, you're lucky if you see 5 unique clinics.  Usually, you'll see the same clinics over and over again, even on the same page.  To make it even more messy, there are individual practitioner pages competing in the search results.  Some of these pages offer different services, but many usually just point people to clinics that have already been displayed.  The unfortunate consequence of this is that people don't even come close to seeing all of their options.

Physio Roots wants to make it easy for patients to see their options. If you wanted a black car, all you would have to do is click a checkbox "black" and all of the black cars would show up.  Why isn't it this easy when choosing what to do with your own body?  

For some patients, simply choosing a clinic that is close to them is the most important thing.  Other people are looking for more specific treatments.  Many patients don't even know they have options.  Showing patients that services exist help them realize that they really do have a preference.

Provide means for informed healthcare decision making prior to engaging in treatment.

To understand more about physiotherapy training and treatments it takes a lot of time.  Information is available but it is scattered all over the internet.  

Physio Roots aims to compile basic information about treatment techniques, professional designations, post-graduate training and much more.  The compiled information will be available for potential patients during the decision making process.

Create a reliable referral network for physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals.

A major goal of Physio Roots is to create a dependable referral network.  When practitioners are looking for a place to refer a patient for a particular service, Physio Roots will be a dependable source of information.

Website requirements state that clinics must only declare services in which they can provide the full spectrum of care.  This does not apply to every category; certain conditions require a specific skill set and experience to treat appropriately. 

As it stands, individual websites may advertise services but may only be able to effectively treat a small percentage of patients in this area.  This leads to many patients having to change their clinic to find the care they need. 

Showcase the profession of physiotherapy

Physio Roots aims to open the public eye to physiotherapy as well as draw attention from other healthcare professions.

Physiotherapy has gone a long way and many people do not understand how diverse the profession is.  Physio Roots makes it quite obvious that physiotherapy is not all the same.  It shows that while one treatment may not have worked, there are plenty of other options out there.  Physio Roots also wants to show that physiotherapy has a place in all aspects of healthcare.  It is important for other healthcare providers to know of and be able to find physiotherapy services for patient referrals.

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